Monday, November 30, 2015

9th letter from Den Haag, Netherlands -- Week 75

Zone Turkey Bowl -- 11-21-15 This is what Elder Eli Andrew (one of Ben's MTC companions) wrote about the Turkey Bowl in his E mail this week.  "We met at a big, open field in Den Haag.  We brought three zones together and played a brawl of four games simultaneously.  It watered down to just the football lover group, and then we took it seriously.  It was a very clean, no hard feelings, and as Elder Steenblik said, "it defied all my expectations!" He had been waiting for the Turkey Bowl the whole year, and it made me happy to see how happy he was about it."

Elder Morrell and Elder Steenblik  --  MVP's haha
Selfie with Sinter Klass -- He is basically Santa dressed up as the Pope with black helpers.  Oh, and lives in Spain. 

Hey Guys,

So last Saturday we had our Turkey Bowl and it was so sick! We combined with 3 zones so there were about 60 missionaries that came to Den Haag to play football.  It was a blast! Right as we started playing a huge storm blew in and just started pouring freezing cold rain on us.  Some real football weather! It went away after about an hour and by that point, we were soaked to the bone, but it was super fun.  We played for like 5 hours and man was my body feelin it!!! Haha you should have seen it, all of the missionaries in our mission were limping on Sunday because we were all so sore! We left it all on the field.

We had a great Thanksgiving! We ate dinner in a city named Zoetemeer with the man who baptized Elder Bishesar's dad back in Suriname.  After dinner, we got to go to the temple and do a session with our ward.  That was an awesome experience!

Erfan is doing well.  We met with her this week and taught her the Plan of Salvation very slowly and simply.  She came to church on Sunday again and loved it.

We had an awesome appointment with Sister Chavez and her son.  She hasn’t been to church in a couple of years and her son has only been once or twice.  He is 8 years old and is the coolest kid you will ever meet! He talks like an adult.  Not because he uses bad language or anything, but because of the words he uses.  I don’t even know what they mean! He just totally bore his testimony to us about how he knows that there is a God.  He said "But I don’t view him as a big great power, I like to think of him as a father." This kid gets it!!! We didn’t even have to teach him that haha.

We got a referral this week, so we were super excited to go look him up.  We drove to the address and it took us right to the Red Light District.  Dang it… We got Punked!

We had our Mission Leader Council this week in the mission home and Sister Bunnell made us a huge Thanksgiving feast and we even got to take the leftovers home.  I have missed some nice American food. The McDonalds just isn’t doin the job anymore.

It has been a great week and I hope that you all had a lovely Thanksgiving.  Thanks for all of your love and support.  Have a fantastic week!
                                                                      -Elder Steenblik

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