Monday, November 9, 2015

6th letter from Den Haag, Netherlands -- Week 72

One guy we talked to this week was so impressed that we dedicate 2 years of our lives to the work of the Lord, that he gave us some food.  It is a Caribbean snack.  Basically, pita bread filled with cheese and then deep fried.  Boo Yaah!

Dinner at Erfan's  --  One big happy family in Den Haag

Well, let’s start off with the transfer news.  Elder Bishesar and I are both staying in Den Haag! I am super happy to be staying with him for another transfer because we have had a blast so far.

This week I went on an exchange to Amsterdam with Elder Bonner.  That is such a beautiful city, but so sad that it’s so filthy.  Literally the whole place smells like weed!

I also got to go on an exchange with one of my MTC companions, Elder Andrew! We have had the chance to go on quite a few exchanges on our missions which are always fun.

It is super interesting to do finding here in Den Haag.  It is a mixing pot of cultures.  Basically every person we talk to comes from some other country.  From China to Bulgaria to Columbia to Nigeria. Literally everywhere! We have met people from so many different cultures.  There are parts of the city where when you look around, every woman you see is wearing one of those headdress things.  Definitely a big change from Utah!

We had a dinner appointment with Erfan this week and the other Elders and the Sisters came as well. She made us some delicious Persian food!

We had a really cool miracle this week.  We had a lesson and we were about 15 minutes early, so we decided to knock a door.  The very first door we knocked was a woman who looked very sad and she let us in.  She went on to tell us that her brother just died yesterday.  We were able to just quickly assure her that she would see her brother again and we testified of the Plan of Salvation.  That was just a cool testimony builder how the Lord leads us to people who need comfort.  That is something I have seen countless times on my mission, and maybe the people don’t want to be taught and aren’t itching to be baptized, but they are people who need the comforting words of the gospel.

I don’t know about you guys, but I am sure pumped for Christmas. Have a great week!

                                     -Elder Steenblik 

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