Monday, November 2, 2015

5th letter from Den Haag, Netherlands -- Week 71

Elder Steenblik driving the Crew

Mission Leader Council on 10-30-15
Goedemiddag Dames,

I hope that you all had a lovely Halloween.  Halloween in the Netherlands was actually bigger than I had imagined.  Last year I was in Belgium and there were hardly any trick or treaters.  This year there were quite a few kids out trick or treating.  It definitely doesn’t even compare to America, but there was sure a taste of Halloween in the air!

This week has been full of exchanges which are always fun.  I went to Haarlem this week on an exchange with Elder Groesbeck.  It is too bad that it is not spring time! That is where all of the huge tulip fields are but right now, they are just big fields of dirt!

Things with Kulmina took a turn for the worse.  She got anti hardcore.  She watched tons of videos on YouTube about "The Truth about Mormons" and what not.  She doesn’t want to investigate the church anymore.  But she is still super friendly and loves us and invited us over for dinner.  We still have a good relationship with her at least.

We met with Erfan and she is doing great.  When we met with her this week, she had 2 whole pages of paper with her favorite quotes from “The Restoration” video and her favorite scriptures that she has read in the Book of Mormon.  We were able to have a little study session with her as well.

We have had to drop lots of people this week.  Man these people are really testing my patience.  They say they want to know if the Book of Mormon is true, but won’t read it! When we ask them to read the Book of Mormon, they say that they are so busy and can’t find the time.  And I'm just thinking, When we walked in the front door you were sittin’ on your, you know what watching TLC!!!!! Are you honestly trying to tell me that you can’t even find 5 minutes in your 24 hour day to read even one page?!?! But of course I can’t yell that at them.  I just have to use words of encouragement.  But sometimes as missionaries we have to say it like it is and lay it on thick.  We have dropped quite a few investigators this week because they aren’t keeping any commitments.

I don’t know what it is about Den Haag, but the people here love feeding us! Not just the members, but less active people we look up and even investigators are always inviting us over for dinner.  It is awesome!

The church is true.

                                            -Elder Steenblik

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