Monday, March 30, 2015

4th letter from Hengelo, Netherlands -- Week 40


We started the week out with a Zone Training in Zwolle.  It was fantastic! Elder Frisby and I gave a presentation....five times!!! There were 5 different groups and so we had to do the same presentation 5 times.  I was ready to kill myself, but hey, at least it wasn’t 6 times.  There was a quote that I loved. "Do you have the faith to move a mountain? Give me a shovel and I will get started!" Great, right?

After Zone Training, I went on an exchange with Elder Eli Andrew! It took me back to the glory days in the MTC.  It was super fun! We have both learned so much since we were teaching with each other in the MTC.

Well, just when we thought we were finally to spring, nope.  It was terrible this week! Freezing cold wind with rain.  So much rain! It sounds like I have missed the warmest winter ever back home.  Dang! I am just ready for the sun to come out!

We got a new investigator this week named Faroyk.  He is from an island off the coast of Madagascar. We went over to his house and taught him about the Book of Mormon and ate dinner with him.  He can’t read, so we are also helping him with that.

We met with Anja this week as well.  She now has a baptismal date for May 16th! She is from Germany, but speaks fluent Dutch.  She is really scared to tell her mother about her baptism and also feels that she still isn’t good enough to get baptized.  We had a great lesson full of the spirit and told her how we don’t need to be perfect to be baptized.

I went on an exchange with Elder Bean this week and also went on splits in Enschede on Saturday.   It has been a crazy week! I was only with Elder Frisby for a couple of days.

We finally got to throw all of our garbage away!!!! I don’t remember if I told you guys, but according to the government, nobody lives in our house because all of the missionaries are registered at the address of the mission home.  Seeing that they wouldn’t take our garbage, we had about 20 bags of garbage in the backyard as well as an old toilet, a microwave and wood everywhere.  Today the church rented a big ol’ dumpster, so we spent all morning cleaning out the backyard and throwing everything away.

After church yesterday, they asked us to do ward choir.  They have been asking the elders to do it for a long time, so we figured we would.  I imagined that we would just show up, sing a couple of hymns and be on our way.  Not even close!! It was like the freakin’ Tabernacle Choir! We got there and they were asking me all this stuff about music that I had no idea about and they were expecting me to hit all these notes.  I was the only bass there and I was terrible! Not to mention the fact that I didn't have a clue what was going on.  They started to get a little bit snappy with me, and then with each other.  Somebody literally stormed out of the room in a furious rage! Haha.  Oh man! There are very few things I truly hate in this world, choir being one of them.

It has been a lovely week.  We have some good stuff planned this week, as well as General Conference! I am pretty pumped about that.

I love you all!!!!!!!

                                                        -Elder Steenblik

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