Monday, March 23, 2015

3rd letter from Hengelo, Netherlands -- Week 39

Elder Ben doing a little reading

Ben's Kitchen
Ben's eating area and garage
Ben's front room
Stairway to heaven
Heaven after a LONG day
Ben's study area
Ben's bathroom

Well, we started the week out teaching Mike.  Mike is a cool 19 year old who was baptized the week before I got here.  We are now re-teaching him all of the lessons.  I also went on splits with him this week which was fun.

I was on an exchange this week in Enschede again.  We didn’t have any lessons scheduled, so we spent the whole time finding and knocking doors.  That always makes for a long day.

We had another lesson with Angela this week.  We finished the Restoration lesson and it was a great lesson.  She is always super happy to have us over.  She has trouble reading the old language of the Book of Mormon, so we read a chapter with her.  We have another appointment with her this week to teach the Plan of Salvation.

On Friday we had a service project with our district at the library.  We read to little kids and old people. My book of choice, “Where’s Waldo.” I read to some cute little 3 year old girl and she was freakin’ good at it.  I was talking to her about princesses and asked her if she had seen “Frozen.”  Rather than saying yes, she decided to show me.  In the middle of the library, she showed off her talent and belted out “Let it Go.” Haha, it was adorable! All of the little girls here know every word to “Let it Go,” even though they have no idea what the words mean.

We also had a volleyball night with the YSA’s.  We played volleyball and soccer all night which is always a pleasure.

We had a service project on Saturday with a woman in the ward.  We helped her weed her garden and of course it started pouring rain.  Gotta love the Netherlands! It was a big muddy mess, but that garden is lookin’ faaantastic!

Our translator with the Torosian's fell through this week, so our whole lesson was basically a big game of charades.  Maybe I will just have to learn Arabic!

We had such an awesome lesson this week! It was with a guy named Edward.  He is a Dutch Marine/Doctor.  He is just a bro! We taught the Plan of Salvation.  He is religious, so he had a lot of good questions that we answered using the scriptures.  We were there for 2 1/2 hours and the spirit was super strong.  At the end of the lesson, he prayed for us and asked the Lord to help him know that what we shared was true.  We are praying that he will be able to get that confirmation.

Things in Hengelo are going great.  We are having lots of opportunities to teach lessons, always better than knocking doors.  We are going to be super busy this week as well. The ward here is awesome! We have a dinner appointment almost every night.

Have a spectacular week friends and family!

                                 -Elder Steenblik

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