Monday, March 2, 2015

12th and last letter from Lelystad, Nederland -- Week 36

Hoi Hoi,

We started this week out with Zone Conference on Tuesday and it was awesome! No bomb threats on the way there this time, so we actually showed up on time.  I got to see a lot of my friends that I haven’t seen in a while.  President and Sister Robinson spoke and then the AP's did a training.  After lunch, we got to watch “Meet the Mormons” and it was super good.  It sure made me want some College Football, that’s for sure.

On Thursday, I was on an exchange with Elder James Bernier.  (He’s the missionary that lives in Tyler and Becky’s ward back home.)  Elder Alston and I headed up to The Hauge to meet with them.  The 4 of us ate lunch together and then Bernier and I returned to Lelystad.  It was a huge mess! For whatever reason, all of the trains were messed up, so what should have been an hour ride took 4 hours.  I’m not exactly the biggest fan of public transportation! After all of that, we had a great day together.  Elder Alston had to go to Belgium on Friday, so I spent the day working in Almere with Elder Brown.  I love going on exchanges with the other missionaries.  I always learn a lot from them and it is a nice change up every now and then.

On Friday night, I met back up with Elder Alston and we took the train to Leiden for a devotional.  There is a group of 4 Elders here who have formed a little singing group and they go around the mission and put on devotionals.  They were amazing! The spirit was super strong and the people loved it.

We taught a new guy this week named Tico! He is from a small Island in who knows where.  When we got to his street, you could just hear gangsta thug rap blastin’! We were down the street and you could still hear it.  He was bumpin’, but he turned the music down and let us in.  He has 3 of the biggest dogs I have ever seen in my life! I’m pretty sure they were the same kind of dog as "The Beast" in “The Sandlot.”  One of them was eating a bone the size of a chicken!  Aside from all of that going on around us, we were able to have a good lesson with him.  We talked about the Book of Mormon and he said that he was interested in getting lessons from us, so we are going to start teaching him every week!

Our hot water was fixed, but at the end of the week it broke again! We are tired of boiling all that water to fill the bath tub and the gym is closed on Saturday and Sunday, so we just went for it.  We showered in the fresh glacier water! Both of us were just screaming and squealing when it was our turn because of how cold it was! I’m sure the neighbors aren’t our biggest fans.

On Sunday, we were able to pick Leny up and ride to church together.  It was her first time back to church in 6 years and she had a great time.  The branch did an amazing job of making her feel welcome.

We were also able to have a lesson with Rebeckah on Sunday.  We taught her the Plan of Salvation.  She is Baptist and had some different beliefs, but was super open to talk about it.  She had read what we assigned her in the Book of Mormon last time, so we gave her another chapter to read about the Plan of Salvation.  She’s excited to read it and is doing great!

I am getting transferred on Wednesday! I will be heading up to the city of Hengelo to serve with Elder Jordan Frisby.  I don’t know anything about it other than it has an amazing ward.  I am super excited! Now I get the joy of packing all my stuff up today and tomorrow.  Serving in Lelystad has been amazing! I have learned so much here and have had a blast.  I am super sad to leave all of the people that we work with and the amazing branch, but I’m sure Hengelo will be just as great!

 Tot ziens!

     -Elder Steenblik

Elder Jordan Frisby (on the right) will become Ben's companion on Wednesday, March 4, 2015.  They will serve together in Hengelo, Netherlands.

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