Monday, February 23, 2015

11th letter from Lelystad, Nederland -- Week 35

Hallo Schatjes!

Here are a few answers to your questions.

I have been loving serving in Lelystad! It is a different city for sure and although it’s not the prettiest, I love it.  (I’ve heard it has even been voted ugliest city in Europe a time or two.) The members here are awesome and have such a strong branch.  We have about 70 active members at church every single week.  Lelystad is the only place in the Netherlands or Belgium, where you will just be walking around outside and see members all over the place.  The culture here is really different than the rest of the Netherlands as well.  Families are a really big thing here and there are lots of young and old families all over the place.

Missionary work here is very different as well.  We live in the center of the city, so when we are outside finding or walking from place to place, we literally see the same people every day.  We usually see them multiple times a day.  We have nicknames for every single person in Lelystad, so we have to be creative when trying to find new people.

As far as dinner appointments go, we usually get like 4 a week.  There is a food here called Nasi and it’s Indonesian.  It’s basically rice, meat, different spices and what not.  It is super good, but this past week, we had it for lunch at district meeting, dinner that night and then our next 2 dinner appointments also made it! We had Nasi 4 meals in a row and I’m starting to think that I never want to see rice ever again in my life.

We got poured on this week! Since it is so flat here, after it rains for a little while, the water has nowhere to go and just piles up.  It’s basically like riding your bike and walking around in an inch of water everywhere you go.  That does a pretty good job of keeping your feet wet all day!!!!

We have some good stuff planned for this week to keep us busy.

 Have a lekker week!
                                                 -Elder Steenblik

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