Monday, February 9, 2015

9th letter from Lelystad, Nederland -- Week 33

Hey guys, so I have to make this email pretty fast!

We had another great week! We started the week off meeting with an inactive member named Lenny. We have been trying to get something set up with her for weeks, but haven't been able to.  We finally got one this week and went and visited her.  She is from the great land of Brazil.  We had a lesson with her and in the middle of the lesson, she forgot she needed to go pick her kid up from school.  She invited us to come along, so we walked with her and waited outside while she went in to get her daughter.  Elder Alston and I were just standing outside of the school waiting.  People were all staring at us because they thought we were going to abduct a child or something.  It was a little awkward for a bit.  She was in the school for like 10 minutes and we thought she bailed on us and sneaked out the back or something.  Haha, but sure enough, she came back out.  We had a good lesson with her and talked about the importance of reading the Book of Mormon.  We are going to try getting weekly appointments with her.  She is super cool!

I saw a really cool miracle this week.  There is a less active member named Chaim that we have been working with for the past couple of months.  He suffers from depression and has been going through a really hard time.  We finally got another appointment with him this week.  We thought about what to share him and we thought of a good Mormon Message, "The Hope of God's Light."  We showed it to him and it was so personal for him.  It was exactly what he needed to hear.  He asked us how we knew to show him that video.  It really showed me how the Lord truly inspires us, even when we don't know it.  It has been amazing to see Chaim's change over the last 2 months.  When I first got here, he was deep in depression.  He came to church on Sunday for the first time in a long time.  It is so cool to see how the Atonement of Jesus Christ has changed his life.  It truly is a miracle.

In other news, I gave myself another haircut this week! No chunks of hair missing this time, but it sure is short.  Probably the shortest my hair has been since I was like, 10 when Carter used to buzz me.

Well, time is up! Have a super duper week. 

                          -Elder Steenblik

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