Monday, February 2, 2015

8th letter from Lelystad, Nederland -- Week 32

Ben's sweet ride after a discussion.  Burrrrrrr!!!!!!
Elder Benjamin Steenblik doing his well deserved snow angel
We made Olaf!!!! Olaf and Elder Ben

Hoi Thuis Jongens!

So, to start off the week, we had a Zone Training.  On the train ride there, the train just stopped in the middle of nowhere and we just sat there.  Then the conductor came on the intercom and said that we were stuck there because there was a bomb scare at the station up ahead.  We sat there for 20 minutes and eventually just turned backwards and went to the Airport station.  We had to take a huge detour and it was a huge pain.  To sum it up, we were 2 ½ hours late for training.  We made it just in time for lunch, so I wasn’t too upset.  The "bomb" ended up being a garbage bag duct taped to a pole.  And it shut down the station and trains all day.  Good gravy!

We went to the Birthday party of an inactive guy that we work with named Bart.  It was the most awkward hour of my life! Haha.  It was just 8 other people sitting around a table and they were all like a million years old.  As soon as we came in, they all started yelling at us about what the Bible really says. Then they all started fighting with each other about religion and everything.  One guy even rage quit and just stood up and left.  Yeah, we crashed that partay pretty hard! I was hoping they would pull out a delicious chocolate sheet cake, but no such luck!

We got nearly 2 inches of snow this week! WOW!! I was on exchanges with Elder Brown and when we got out of an appointment, the snow was just coming down.  We kind of just spent the last half hour of our day building a snowman and making snow angels, but I feel like it was well deserved!

This week has been so amazing and I really can’t believe it! We have had a rough couple of weeks, but it was all leading up to this week.  Every person that we have been trying to work with for the past couple of weeks was actually home this week! We taught 5 first lessons to new people.  2 of them were people that had been taught by the missionaries before, and others were people we found over the last couple of weeks.  We had an amazing lesson with Rebekah yesterday.  Rebekah is the girl we found a couple of weeks ago when it was 8:50 at night and "the last door."  The spirit was super strong in the lesson and we have another appointment with her this week.  We have been working hard here doing our best for the past month and the Lord is blessing us with miracles.  It’s amazing to see how sometimes, you will work hard for a whole week and see nothing, and then the next week, have all sorts of lessons.  It has really strengthened my testimony that as we work with diligence, the Lord will bless us with His work.

It has been a solid week and we hope this week will be the same.  Just a quick shout out to my Patriots for winning the Super Bowl! #Pats4life

Love you all,
                                    -Elder Steenblik

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