Monday, May 16, 2016

10th letter from Geel, Belgium -- Week 99

Elder Waters and Elder Steenblik
Elder Steenblik  --  This is how I partay when I'm sick
Bustin a move with maracas
Look what I found


Well, this week has been a bit of a long one! I was sick all week which was a real bummer.  My throat was on fire and it felt like I had strep.  Then on Friday, I happened to get an eye infection! Both of my eyes were red and there was lots of nasty goo leakin’ out of them haha.  When I woke up my eyes were completely crusted shut! I looked at the calendar and it all made sense.  It was Friday the 13th! Coincidence? I think not!

We were able to meet with Vanessa twice this week and she is doing great.  She has started praying on her own and committed to read the scriptures this week.  Next week she is coming with us to eat at a members house and have a lesson.

As I said last week, we had to drop a lot of investigators who weren’t making progress and that basically left us with nothing.  This last week we were able to make 4 appointments with new people that we will be meeting with this week.

On Saturday our branch had a South American Fiesta! There are a toooon of South American member’s in our branch.  We had a party with lots of South American food, music, and dancing.  It was super fun and there were a ton of less active and nonmembers there.

We are excited for our appointments this week with our new investigators.  We will be getting a car this week until I leave to look up some far away referrals which will help us out a ton! That is about it.  Have a lovely week.
                                      -Elder Steenblik

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