Monday, March 21, 2016

2nd letter from Geel, Belgium -- Week 91

Me and my Boo

Hey Folks,

I am alive just in case you were wondering.  There has been lots of sketchy stuff goin’ down this week with all of the terrorists and what not.  We were actually in Brussels on the day that they had a shootout with the terrorists that were involved in the Paris attacks.  Crazy!

This week we spent a ton of time traveling.  We had to go to Antwerp on Tuesday for a zone meeting and we went to Brussels on Friday so that Elder Waters could do some legality stuff.  Plus we spent a ton of time traveling in our own area to look up look ups and to go to our dinner appointments.  Our area is massive, and we have over 20 referrals that we need to look up from a campaign that the mission is running.  This week will also be full of trains and buses.

The work is slowly moving forward.  What we have found in our first week here is that everyone in Geel hates us haha.  Not everyone, but a lot of them.  Geel is a small city, so most of the people have already been contacted by the missionaries, multiple times.  We have been focusing on other cities in our area to try and find some new people to teach.

We had a couple of lessons this week but nothing too exciting.  One of the guys we taught talked the whole time about how Jesus was not crucified, but he and Mary took a ship to France and smoked weed together.  Now there are some interesting beliefs!

This week we had a dinner appointment almost every night, with the sisters in our area.  The branch has been taking good care of us!

Nothing too special this week.  We are just working to find new people.  We hope to see success this week with the referrals that we have received.  Thanks for all of your prayers and support!

                                                  -Elder Steenblik

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