Monday, March 14, 2016

1st letter from Geel, Belgium -- Week 90

Elder Steenblik and his "greenie" Elder Waters from Idaho Falls
I made it back to Belgium!!!!

All you can eat ribs with my old district last week in Amsterdam

Gueeeess who's in Belgium? This guy!

On Wednesday we had our transfer day and it was a looong day.  I left Almere at 7:30 AM and we didn’t get home until 8:30 PM.  I have a son! I am training a missionary named Elder Dakota Waters from Idaho, Falls.  He is a super funny guy and we get along great.  We have been having a blast in Belgium together.

We are in the city of Geel.  The work in Geel right now is basically nonexistent.  We are both new to the area and don’t have one single investigator at the moment.  We are going to be working hard these next couple of weeks to find some new people to teach.

Our first day here a member came to our apartment and gave us a huge box of chocolate! So we have basically been living off that for the past week.  We received a nice warm welcome from our neighbor our first day here by him leaving us a note on our door saying if we “don’t be quiet” he would break all of our bleep bleepin bones.  So if I disappear, it was the guy downstairs!

Man alive do I miss a car! We come home at the end of every day and our legs are killin.  We do a lot of walking here and our area is really big which means we also have to take lots of buses and trains.  The problem is that the buses only leave once an hour which means we sometimes get stranded in a city for an hour.  That happened to us this week, so we just talked to people in the area and we ended up finding 2 potential investigators because of it! Glass half full.

My very first Sunday here I was asked to give a 10 minute talk....on the law of chastity! Wow, what a first impression I made haha.  The branch here is awesome! There are actually quite a few members and I think there were around 50 or so.

The weather here has been great.  It has been sunny every day and not too cold.

I am sooo happy to be back in Belgium! I have missed it so much! I have missed the waffles, all of the terrible funky smells, the cobblestone roads, the church bells, the chocolate, the Flemish language, the nasty carbonated water, the fries, the billions of cranes, the friendly people, everything! I am excited to get to work with Elder Waters and build up the work in Geel.  Have a great week!

                   -Elder Steenblik

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