Monday, January 19, 2015

6th letter from Lelystad, Nederland -- Week 30

Elder Benjamin Steenblik
I miss water!!!!!
And here we have the local marijuana shop in Lelystad, Nederland
This is how high the ocean would be if the dam broke
Are we being fo realz right now?! You would think they would learn to travel with a buddy!!!!!
I ate raw herring! It was about as good as you can imagine! Raw and slimy!
Hallo Mensen!

You guys will never believe what happened this week!!!!! The SUN came out!!!!! For like a day and a half! I forgot what that thing looked like because it has been weeks since I have seen it.  Oh boy, was it nice.  Ah the sun! But, it was short lived and we are back to rain every single day.

Well, to be honest, not much to write about this week.  Super rough week.  Probably the hardest week yet.  All of the lessons we had rescheduled or didn’t go through, so that left us with a whole week of nothing.  We are struggling to find people to teach.  This past week, we have knocked hundreds of doors and spoken with countless people on the streets.  We have found a couple people who just want a free book, but nobody who is really interested.  We were at least able to meet with some of the less actives this past week, but the days have been long.  Full days of knocking doors in the pouring rain.

We are doing our best to try to pick the work up, but it sure isn’t easy.  I have faith that as we work with diligence, the Lord will bless us with miracles.  If you guys could pray to help us find some people to teach, that would be spectacular!

I will be getting a new companion this week on Wednesday! Elder Jeremy DeWitt is being transferred to Kortrijk, Belgium, and Elder Blake Alston will be coming here with me! I have loved serving with Elder DeWitt so much.  We have had an awesome time and learned a lot, but I am excited for the adventures that this next transfer will bring!

Haha, I am famous now!! All of the people at church on Sunday said they saw Elder Ryan Cockbain and me on TV.  I am expecting a call from Universal Studios this week.

Well, that’s basically it.  I love you all and miss you a ton, but I am loving it here! I know that this is where the Lord needs me to be.  I am learning so much and really am just having the time of my life. Thanks for all the support and prayers that are sent my way.

                                          -Elder Steenblik

Elder  Blake Alston is in the middle.  He will become Ben's companion on Wednesday, January 21, 2015.  He has been serving as AP and will spend his last transfer out in the field with Ben.

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