Monday, January 12, 2015

5th letter from Lelystad, Nederland -- Week 29

Ben's balcony at his "sweet" apartment in Lelystad, Nederland
Ben's bathroom
This is where Ben's muscles come from
Ben's kitchen
Ben's family room - front room
Ben's study area
Ben's bedroom.  Where are the awesome chevron sheets we bought?
Hoi Iedereen!

We started the week off with a read thud.  Last P-day after emailing, we decided to go grocery shopping.  When we were in the store, we realized that we had forgotten our keys.  Whoopsie Daisy! We ended up calling like 5 of the ward members before we were able to track a spare set down! All in all, it went smoothly and we were only locked out for like 2 hours, but it wasn't very fun.

We had a super awesome District meeting this week.  The Zone Leaders and AP's came.  Afterwards, we all went to KFC for lunch, but it's not the same here.  It is super expensive and you don't get that much food, but it was still super delicious.

We have met some very interesting people this week.  We knocked a ton of doors, so we saw a lot of different people.  One of the doors we knocked invited us in.  We gave him a Book of Mormon and had a little lesson with him.  It was a little distracting because there was some 60 year old guy in the room reading something on the computer with nothing covering the lower half of his body.  And I mean nothing! Haha.  That was honestly one of the weirdest lessons I've ever had! We also met some guy from Suriname who we were talking to on the street.  He was yelling at us and being super hostile.  Then he was trying to have us get into his car.  It was super sketchy! We basically almost got "Taken."  We bailed out of there pretty fast.

It has been super dark, rainy, windy, and cold here.  So, just the usual!

It is hard here in Lelystad, to find new people because it is a pretty small city and they have had 4 missionaries serving here for years.  And there are a TON of Jehovah Witnesses! So, pretty much every single door we knock or person we talk to has not only talked with the missionaries before, but also with the Jehovah's multiple times.  Everyone has big ol' signs on their doors that say "GEEN JEHOVA" (No Jehovah's!) Everyone here claims to have read the whole Book of Mormon already and they say they know it's false.  It makes things interesting!

On Sunday night, we had a super successful night! We looked up 3 old investigators from a couple of years ago.  They were all home and actually happy to see us.  We scheduled appointments with all of them over the next 2 weeks.  We had about 45 minutes left before we go home and we decided to knock some doors.  They were all super weird! Like, 7 houses in a row didn't even open the door, but started yelling at us out the window.  And Sunday night is Bath Night! I was kind of ready to just call it a day and go home to my nice bubble bath, but we decided to knock one last door.  Oooooh, we've all heard the stories of "the last door" so we did it.  To sum it up, we placed a Book of Mormon and scheduled a follow up appointment this week.  Bam! How cool is that? AND my bubble bath that night was just that much better.

Well, things here are coming along.  Not too much going on right now, but we are laying the foundation.  Hopefully all of these lessons will go through, so we can get some more investigators.

Have a lekker week!
                                              -Elder Steenblik

 This email came later today......

Crap!! So, today police came knocking at the door asking for me.  To make a long story short, you have to pay to dispose of your garage here and you throw it in this shoot thing.  The dumb machine was jammed, but it ate our money THREE different times not allowing us to get rid of our trash.  We  decided to just put our trash next to the shoot.  So, basically they dug through our fetchin' garbage and found a letter of mine and tracked me down.  They gave Elder De Witt and me a 90 euro ticket.  This week I will be pulling like 60 dollars out.  Soooory!!!!!!!

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