Monday, September 29, 2014

8th letter from Leuven, Belgium -- Week 14

Elder Benjamin Steenblik
Just chillin' wif my Lambo
Elder Benjamin Steenblik
Pretty gosh, dang, good form if I do say so myself.
Utah State University, Spirit Squad, 2016!!!!
Elder Benjamin Steenblik, hangin' with his homies!!!!

Well, this past week has been a pretty crazy! I have been all over Belgium doing training, looking up referrals and legality stuff.  Man where to begin...........

On Tuesday, we had our Zone Training in Sint Niklaas.  How sick of a name is that? But any hoo, it was awesome.  I got to meet all of the new people who got transferred into our zone.  Since we are pretty far away from there, we spent the night with the Sint Niklaas Elders.  It was basically a slumber party!! In the middle of the training, we were sitting in the chapel and some dude started knocking on the window and scared all of us half to death.  We all turned around and it was the Domino's delivery guy haha.  What a sweet surprise that we got a ton of AMERICAN food.  Ah, I miss that!!!!!!

Want to hear a miracle? Okay, so the past 2 weeks have just been really slow and kind of discouraging, but when we were on the way home from a long day at zone training, we missed the bus we were supposed to take.  We had to wait there for like an hour and were a little T.O.ed!!! It was a long train ride back to Leuven.  As we were on our way to our apartment, we walked past a grocery store and Elder Losee, stopped and said "wait, have we ever talked to her?" pointing to a girl in the store.  We had talked with her on the bus a couple of weeks ago and gotten her contact info, but it was a fake number.  We went in and pretended that we were shopping and when we saw her get in line, we hurried and jumped in line right behind her and said "hey."  She was so happy to see us and she asked us why we hadn't called.  Turns out, she got a new phone and we had the old number.  We got her new number and scheduled a lesson with her.  (At the church tonight!) Then, last Sunday, we were going to the bus stop to catch a bus home.  We missed that bus by 2 minutes so we had to walk down the road to another bus line.  We waited for like 30 minutes and one finally came.  We got on the bus and were sitting there and I thought "Hey, that chick kind of looks like Naomi... wait, that is Naomi!" We saw her on the bus and started chatting with her and she was saying that she is excited to come see our church building and hear our message.  Now, you can say running into her 2 times was a coincidence, but I believe that that was the Lord working miracles! Too sick.!!!!!!

On Saturday, I got to mow the lawn at our church building!!! Man, I always hated mowing the lawn at home, but boy it felt good to push that mower.  I have been living in a city for sooooo long (actually only like, 7 weeks), but still! It will probably be the only time in the next 2 years that that will happen!!

This week, I was in Brussels twice.  Once to look up a referral and once for visa stuff.  One of the  times, I was with Elder Andrew, my MTC companion and our train didn't leave for like an hour, so we just walked around the city for a little bit and saw all of the cool stuff.  It is such a beautiful city!! There's one problem....  everyone there speaks French, so that can make missionary work hard, but I still love it there and it was awesome spending time with Elder Andrew.

We had a ward family home evening this past week.  We talked about Christ, ate food and played a game which was fun.  It is the one where you put a sticky note on your forehead not knowing what is says, and you have to ask yes or no questions and find out what it is.  It was super fun! 

Today we had another zone P day in Antwerpen.  We played basketball and football.  (Actually soccer, but I get in trouble for calling it that.)  We have a completely different zone than we did last transfer, so it was really fun to play with all the new people.  The best part is, nobody got stitches this time!!! Look how far we've come. 

Hey, so I don't have much time to email today so this is the only email I will be able to send, but I will hopefully have more time next week! Thanks for all of the prayers and support that you all send my way, I can truly see the blessings.

                                                                                    -Elder Steenblik 

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