Friday, September 12, 2014

5th week in Leuven Belgium -- Week 11

We didn't receive an email from Ben on Monday, September 8, 2014, but my cute friend Amy Andrew told me that Ben was mentioned in Elder Bishop's blog entry this week, so we will take what we can get.  I think Ben has had a super busy week this week.  Hopefully we will hear all about it on Monday, September 15, 2014.

Elder Hayden Bishop

Tuesday was the beginning of our Belgium excursion!  We woke up early that morning and I drove from Amsterdam to Brussels.  We made it to district meeting in a little city right outside of Brussels called Leuven.  We attended the district meeting there and then went on splits with the Elders in Leuven.  That is so close to the French speaking side of Belgium that we taught a restoration lesson to a French speaker and we had to bring a joint teach who could translate.  It was a KILLER first lesson though.  He was a practicing catholic, and we blew his mind haha.  We had scriptures to prove it from both the Book of Mormon and the Bible, and he loved it.  It was probably the cleanest, most thorough restoration lesson I have been a part of, and the Joint teach did a great job translating.  We stayed a little over an hour and told him we needed to go when we finished the lesson.  He didn't want us to go.  He loved talking with us and we set an appointment for that same week.  He told us we need to stay an hour and a half next time haha.  When we were leaving he told us that he was gonna go straight to to study some more.  It was a great experience, not only for me, but also for Elder Steenblik.  He is a greenie and that was the first restoration lesson he taught.  I am glad he was able to be a part of it.  We had a fun day in Leuven with the Elders there, and the best part about it...  I got to sleep on a lumpy air mattress that was half full that night!!!  Haha it was awful, but I was so tired it didn't even matter.  I fell straight asleep.

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