Wednesday, July 23, 2014

4th letter from MTC -- Week 4

Elder Benajmin John Steenblik

Elder Benjamin Steenblik and Elder Caleb Featherstone

Elder Josh Parr, Elder Eli Andrew and Elder Benjamin Steenblik.  I guess I should have listened to Ben when he told me to stop at package 89.... Ha Ha!!!! Party on Elders.

Hello to all!

What another awesome week in the MTC it has been!  We all learned so much this week about the language and teaching.  It has been such a great week.

On Wednesday, the Provo Temple opened back up so we got to go do a session there.  The room was full to the max with missionaries.  It was such a cool experience to go with all of my friends in the zone and we get to go again every Wednesday.  I am looking forward to going after lunch today.  It is such a nice place to just take a break from the language, and just focus on the Spirit.

This week said tot liens to the Swedes and the Nords as they went off to Sweden and Norway early Monday morning.  They are both a great group of elders and sisters and they are all fantastic missionaries.

Elder Parr, Elder Andrew, and I have learned so much this week.  We had a really good lesson on listening to the Spirit as we teach, rather than just following the lesson plan.  To practice this, we did a couple of role plays and our teacher was the investigator.  They would just tell us a little about themselves and then say, "Go!".  We had no lesson planned or anything and we just had to teach what the Spirit was telling us to teach.  I kind of thought it and it was incredible.  We told the investigators exactly what they needed to hear.  Our mouths were filled and the language just flowed.  It was an amazing experience.

We teach 2 other investigators every other day name Toni and Lieke.  The best way to learn how to teach, is teach so that's what we have been doing since day 2.  We just committed Toni to prepare himself for baptism on August 9th and we are so close with Lieke.  They are just our teachers pretending to be an investigator, but we still feel love for them.  Toni and Lieke were real people that they taught on their missions.

I am super pumped because one of my BFF's, Elder Andrew Harless gets here today.  I hope I will be able to find him and give him a great big chest pump.

Everyone in the MTC is talking about Russia going to war with Ukraine or Ukraine going to war with Islam.  Every person says something different and has some different reason as to why.  "There shall be wars, and rumors of wars."  The end is near!!! Ha Ha.

We have a ridiculous amount of food!  The food in the picture is just the food that Elder Parr and I have received in packages since we got here.  Special note to the Parr family and my mother, WE HAVE A LOT OF FOOD!!  We have enough food for the next 2 years!

I love the epic picture of Elder Featherstone and I jumping into outer space in front of the temple.  He left to Sweden on Monday and I know he will be an amazing missionary.  We had some good times together.

It has been such a great week here in Provo and I expect next week to be the same.  Thanks to everyone for all of your love and support.  If you're gonna spew, spew into this.

                                                                                                  Elder Benjamin Steenblik

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  1. Dear Elder Steenblik:

    It has been fun reading your letters. Sounds like you are having some great experiences and learning a lot, but keeping your fun personality and sense of humor. I also hope you get to give Elder Andrew Harless a great big chest bump. Please give him a second one from me! Keep up the great work - Paula Harless