Wednesday, July 9, 2014

2nd letter from MTC -- Week 2

Ben's "Dutchie" District
Sister Charlee Fredrickson, Elder Ben Steenblik, Elder Eli Andrew, Elder Zach Hammond, Elder Josh Parr and Elder Billy Shaw
Hallo Eidereen!
        2nd week at the MTC, and it was a good one. I have learned so much in the past week about the gospel and about the spirit, and a little bit of Dutch too. 

       Last P-day was a blast. After my email we went back to the residence hall and Elder Parr thought he would be funny by hosing down all of us with his squirt bottle. So, I went into the Elder's room next to us and found some squirt guns, and it was on. To make a long story short, 10 minutes later we were all soaking wet after a huge water gun battle. It was a blast. When we went to go to the room to change some Moron had closed our door, so we were soaking wet and locked out. To get a new key from the front desk, you have to be dressed in missionary attire, so we had to wait for the Zone Leaders to come back and they had to go get it for us, but it was well worth it. 

       On Sunday we had a devotional by Josh Wright, a piano player. He played a couple of songs for us. After one everyone gave a standing ovation, and one of my friends in front of me wasn't standing so I started boo-ing him. After that, like 50 people just turned around and stared at me giving me dirty looks thinking I was boo-ing the piano player. Ha. It was hilarious. 

       Yesterday, Elder Neil L Anderson came and spoke. He spoke on always listening to the spirit and always having it with you. Yesterday morning was horrible. I couldn't pay attention and just wasn't feeling it that day. After lunch, I said a prayer asking for the spirit for the lesson that we were about to teach. We taught one of our "investigators" about Joseph Smith and the restoration. It was in VERY horrible dutch, but she understood and committed to read and pray over the Book of Mormon and over our message. After our lesson, me, Elder Parr and Andrew were all pumped. It wasn't even a real person, but we could definitely feel the spirit and were so excited that she committed to pray. 

        The gym here closed for the next 2 weeks because they are redoing the floor. So we went out to the field today. We played sand volleyball and I came back just covered it sand. In my hair and ears and all over my clothes. We also played soccer and a fight almost broke out. It was awesome. 

         We have had some awesome discussions at our district meetings this week. We all get along so well. We sometimes have a difficult time focusing during study because we all love to joke around with each other.

           The MTC is one of the most holy places on planet earth but, it is the worst smelling place I have ever been to. When we put our trays away at dinner, the dish washing area smells like dead fish. I have to hold my breath or else I gag. When you walk by the mailbox, there is an overwhelming smell of garbage, like unto a dump. 
         Every Sunday when we go on our temple walk, I just looking at Utah Lake wishing I was there. 

         On the 4th of July, we had a special devotional on America. After that we watched the movie 17 Miracles. Those pioneers went through so much, all because they knew this gospel is true. It made me think of how 2 years of my life serving the Lord is the least I could. I will always be eternally grateful for those pioneers and their sacrifices that they made. Right as the movie finished, we all went outside and they gave out Dove ice cream bars and we watched the Stadium of Fire fireworks. Elder Shaw is one of the Elders in my district and I love him. He loves to sing as loud as he possibly can. I convinced him that if he started belting the national anthem, that everyone would join in. He just started belting it as loud as he could and everyone just sat there. But did this get Shaw down? Nay, I say. Shaw sang pretty much the whole dang song. It failed miserably because nobody ever joined in. The best part was, about 5 minutes later, another Elder started singing it and EVERYBODY joined in. 

       I'm stoked that Netherlands is gonna win the World Cup. I predicted that from day 1.
      I love you all and miss you so much!​ Ball so hard!

This is the DI jacket Ben wore to prom back in May.  
I mailed it to the MTC and 
he is working it with his missionary name tag.  (I love how Elder Billy Shaw is looking at him.  Priceless!!!)
The FAMOUS missionary map. Elder Steenblik

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