Monday, October 5, 2015

1st letter from Den Haag, Netherlands -- Week 67

Last day BBQ in Eindhoven.  My roomies..... Elder Da Silva (my companion), Elder Gleave, Elder Steenblik and Elder Parr
Jeremie and Robbin from Eindhoven
I laid on my bed my first night here and almost fell through.  It looks like the missionaries before had too many bed-jumping parties.

Hey Guys,

Well, a lot of changes have happened this week.  I left Eindhoven and now find myself in Den Haag.  It was super hard to leave Eindhoven and the awesome members there.

On Wednesday we had transfer day and for once, went super well! We were home by 5 PM as opposed to the usual 9PM.  We went and ate dinner with the YSA's.  That was so sick! There is a group of like 20+ YSA's that meet twice a week and they always invite us to come eat dinner with them.  They are such a cool group of people and it was really fun getting to know all of them.

My new companion is Elder Bishesar.  Sorry we haven’t gotten a photo together, but maybe next week. He is from Suriname and that’s in South America right by the Caribbean.  There is a pretty huge cultural difference, but we get along super well and speak English with each other.  Man alive does that kid know how to cook! I have eaten like a KING this week.  He made lots of spicy rice dishes that are just baller.

We met with a guy this week named Arnold and he is a hardcore hoarder.  His house was unbelievable! It was floor to ceiling and wall to wall random crap piled up everywhere! Everything you could possible imagine from old board games to boxes full of broken glass.  We went and helped him and tried to make a dent in cleaning his house.  He was super grateful that we were willing to take the time to help him.  He said that he is interested in learning more about what we have to share.  Miracles of service!

Den Haag is a super cool city! It is weird because half of it is like big modern city buildings and the other half is old European buildings with Dutch canals.  Kind of like America and Europe had a baby.  Driving here is crazy! The intersections are pretty much a free for all with bikes, cars, people, trams and buses all whizzing through.  Elder Bishesar can’t drive, so that makes me the designated driver.  Yippeeee! My first day here the GPS was on the fritz, so I made a wrong turn and took us right past the red light district! Haha.  Whoopsie daisy!

We were able to watch all of the sessions of General Conference except for Sunday afternoon.  It was a great conference and I learned a lot.  I can only imagine how unworthy those new apostles feel of their new callings.  But if there is one thing I have learned on a mission, it’s that the Lord takes you with all your weaknesses and gives you the strength to perform your calling.

Have a great week!

                             -Elder Steenblik

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