Monday, September 7, 2015

15th letter from Eindhoven, Netherlands -- Week 63

Zuster Van Der Riet and I.  (And Elder Butler droppin the photo bomb!)

Goeie Dag Vrienden!

Well, to start the week off, we got our car fixed! Haha… Not really.  We took it to the car shop and they said they would hurry and take a look at it.  The guy came back an HOUR later and said he fixed it up.  He literally put duct tape on the bumper to hold it on! Hahaha… Oh man!! We have to go back to get it fixed and the next time they had open isn’t until the 15th.....of October!!! A month and a half away. Geeze Louise, what a joke that was.

We had a busy week with exchanges and splits every single day.  We will have that for the next 3 weeks straight! I love it though.

We were able to get into contact with Lee again! He started school, so he has been really busy.  After one month of not seeing him, we were able to go back and teach him.  He is still doing great and has been praying every day.

We also taught Nemo this week.  We taught her the Restoration lesson and it went really well.  She is just the sweetest girl you will ever meet.  She is from Somalia, but has been living here for quite a while.

Saturday evening we were working with the sisters in Breda.  Breda is a super cool European city and they are having a “Ginger Festival!” They are trying to break the Guinness World Record for the most gingers in one photo.  The whole dang city was full of red haired people.  People seriously came from all around the world to go to that thing.  Never before have I seen so many gingers.

On Saturday night at 8:30 PM we were walking in the city and we met a man named Steve.  He told us that he lived really close by, so we walked with him to his apartment and had a quick lesson.  He is a "Praise the Lord!" African, haha.  We had a pretty good lesson with him and at the end we invited him to pray which he gladly did.  It was so intense! He was literally screaming the whole prayer and it got louder and louder as he went on.  But I mean he still started with Heavenly Father and ended in the name of Jesus Christ.

Haha.  Okay, something awesome just happened! The Netherlands is basically all under sea level, but they have big dikes to keep all of the water out.  The first Monday of every month, they have these huge really loud alarms that go off all over the whole country to test the alarms in case the dikes break.  Kind of like a nationwide fire drill.  They just barely went off and we decided to play a trick on the greenie, Elder Gleave.  When the alarms started blazing, we all started freaking out and running to the car.  He thought we were serious and he was terrified! He thought we were about to get hit with a huge Tsunami.  Hahaha, we are terrible people.

Well that is it for this week. Keep it real. 

                                                       -Elder Steenblik

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