Monday, December 29, 2014

3rd letter from Lelystad, Nederland -- Week 27

Just me practicing for the upcoming X-Games.  If you zoom in really close on the front tire, you can see my sick air!
Just doin' some pondering.
Again, gazing yonder!!
This is the meal that we had for our 2 Christmases.  It is called "gourmet."  Everyone gets their own little grill/wok and you just cook it up.  It's super delicious!!
Hoi Dames en Heren

Wow! What an amazing Christmas week we had!!

This past week has been a little slower on the missionary work with Christmas and all of our dinner and lunch appointments with people, but we have still seen a  ton of miracles.  We had a referral in the next city over this week, which we were super pumped about.  We took the train out there and went to look him up.  We took the bus, but didn't know which bus number or what stop.  We were super lost and didn't even know what direction we should walk, so we just picked a direction and started walking.  There was nobody outside, but we deceided that we were going to talk to every person that we saw.  Some woman was on a bike and I deceided to flag her down and ask her for directions.  She had no idea, BUT she knew us.  She had met with the missionaries 6 years ago and even had her Book of Mormon at home! We scheduled a lesson with her, but the problem was we still had no idea where we were supposed to go.  Again, we just started walking. We walked for like 20 minutes and someway and somehow, we just happened to stumble upon it.  Out of the whole city we were looking for one street.  We had NO IDEA where the heck it was, but we found it! Man, the Lord truly does guide our steps.  The guy was just about to leave for a vacation to Belgium, but we scheduled a lesson with him in the New Year.  He was super positive and interested in Christ.

We had an AMAZING Christmas.  We had a lunch and dinner appointment with some of the families in the branch.  I got to Skype home too! It was super weird, but I loved it.  We had an awesome 2nd Christmas too! Yup, that's a thing here, a 2nd Christmas, so we got 2 Christmases.  On our 2nd Christmas, we went caroling as a Zone in The Hague.  The first 10 minutes was the most akward thing I have ever seen, but after we got warmed up, it went really well.  People loved it! We had a crowd watching and everyone was taking pictures of us.  Spreadin' Christmas cheer.... it's what I do! We had another awesome dinner appointment that night.  Perhaps one of my favorite parts of my Christmases, is that we got to watch an animated movie!!! Oooooohhhhh man! We watched "Surfs Up" and "The Incredibles."  I can't even begin to tell you how nice it was to take my shoes off, recline back and just relax and watch a movie.  It was heavenly!

On Saturday,  it was back to work.  There is like an epidemic going around the Netherlands. Everyone is sick, including Elder DeWitt and I, but we are trying to fight through it.

We got a new investigator this week named Weronika.  She is an old woman who just loves her bible. She is super open and said we are always welcome to come over, so we are going to start teaching her in the New Year.

I had the sickest dream last night.  I was on the street talking to people about church and Christ and all that jazz.  And who do I cross? An old Bob Marley out walking his dog.   I even made an appointment with him.  I mean, I'm no dream interpreter, but I'm pretty sure that means big things are comin'!

Well, 1 Christmas away from home down, 1 to go.  I loved it so much! Christmas out here really shows you the real meaning of Christmas.  I will never forget Christmas in the mission field.  
I hope that you all had a killer week with Christmas and everything.
 I love you all!
 Tot ziens

                                                         -Elder Steenblik

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