Friday, November 14, 2014

A tender mercy from Elder Glen and Sister Jayne Steenblik serving in the France Paris Mission

Hello cousins!
We are your 2nd cousins - the ones you met during the thunder/rain-wind storm canoeing at Smith & Morehouse a while back.  
Reminder: Glen is son of Gerrit H. and grandson of Jerry(Gerrit) Steenblik and Jayne was a teacher at Willow Canyon Elem for 7 years.

We are now serving a mission in the France Paris Mission and have been assigned to Brussels, the northern border of the Paris Mission, to work with YSAs, missionaries and  attend to some office duties as we process mail concerning legality and drivers license for missionaries in Belgium.

We are excited to tell you we had your darling son Ben and his companion to dinner last night!  And are happy to report how happy and healthy he looks.  After dinner we drove them back to Leuven, about a 20 min. drive from our apartment in Brussels.   We had a great time with them.

This is how we made connections:  Since we handle  the legality papers for missionaries in Belgium,   we noticed (a couple of months ago) ​​ an envelope labeled "Elder Benjamin John Steenblik". We finally got to meet him at the church during Gen. Conf. Priesthood session and again at our church when his stake came for Stake Conf. We got his phone # so we could arrange a time to meet for dinner.   The great part is our address is in his sector - (shared space with the French speakers from our mission & Dutch speakers from the Netherlands mission) - SO it was possible for him to come to our apartment for dinner.  Viola!  We finally worked it out and had a delightful evening with him and his comp. Elder Cockbain.

We may try again to call you, so if you see a weird number on phone it might be us.  our cell is 04 90 42 14 79  -  We have international capability so we can call you, but probably difficult for you to call us.

Bonne journée!  -  Have a good day! 

Glen and Jayne Steenblik /  aka Elder and Soeur Steenblik
Elder Glen Steenblik and Sister Jayne Steenblik, and Elder Benjamin Steenblik

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