Monday, November 10, 2014

14th letter from Leuven, Belgium -- Week 20

Elder Steenblik's new haircut given by Elder Ryan Cockbain.  (Ben said it's the European way.) 
Elder Benjamin Steenblik with a HUGE maple leaf
Elder Benjamin Steenblik 
In Leuven, Belgium
Elder Steenblik with some missionary friends

Heeey world,

This past week has gotten a lot better missionary work wise.  We went through our whole area book and found old investigators that would be worth looking up, so now we have a fat stack of look-ups to do and that should keep us pretty busy.  We are also trying to focus on some of the inactive members as well.  We have a TON of inactive members that live in our ward area, which is like half of Belgium. They are just as important as the new investigators so we are going to try to look some of them up this coming week.
On Wednesday, we had to travel up to the Netherlands so that I could do some legality stuff.  We were literally on trains from 8 in the morning until 9 that night when we got back.  It was a long freakin' day! I get more tired after a long day of sitting on trains doing nothing than a long day of biking and walking around.

You know how I am always complaining about the horrible smells Belgium has? Well, this past week changed! I realized how much I love being in Belgium.  Picture this....  It was sunset, and we were riding our bikes through the centrum of the city on the cobblestone roads with all of the cool European buildings, and the smell of waffles in the air.  Yes, you could literally smell waffles just riding around that part of the city.  I could definitely get used to that.  And folks, THAT is how you Belgium!

Today we had our Zone P day in Antwerpen and we trained for the upcoming Turkey Bowl.  We balled hard! Our zone is gonna win.... Not a doubt in my mind!

So, haircuts here are ridiculously expensive.  Like 40 bucks! Elder Cockbain has never cut hair and I figured I would save myself some money and do it myself! How hard could it be? It was all going swell until I needed Elder Cockbain's help to finish it off.  He was literally cutting my hair for THREE seconds when I heard the clippers cut a huge chunk of hair and he said, "Oh fetch!!!" Something nobody getting their hair cut ever wants to hear.  Haha.  Basically to sum it up, I have a huge bald spot on the side of my head.  A pretty nasty battle wound! Or maybe a racing stripe! It's bad! Like really bad, but I saved 40 bucks so, BOOM! (Photo above)

This transfer I have the sickest district ever! At our district meeting on Tuesday, we had a blast with each other.  We all get along really well and always have a grand old time.  Well, I don't have much time left, so I gotta go! The church is true and God is your loving Heavenly Father!

Love you all,
                                                        -Elder Steenblik

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