Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sister Hilde Van Achten in Leuven, Belgium sent this picture and email this morning. Thank you for this tender mercy!!!!!!

Elder Hayden Losee (Ben's trainer) and Elder Benjamin Steenblik

Dear Sister Steenblik

This morning in church, we had the privilege of meeting your son. He arrived in Leuven at the right time to join in a farewell party for two families who are moving abroad, so he was able to sneak a taste of Belgian pastry and cake. Elder Steenblik is doing well, he is blessed with an enthusiastic trainer, and later this week, he and his companion are coming over to our house for a meal and a spiritual message.

When my oldest son had finished his training in the MTC and he had spent his first Sunday in the mission field, a sister from his ward took a few pictures of him and sent them to me, accompanied by a small message. Apparently somebody had done that for her when her son was serving a mission, and she wanted to pass on the tradition. This gesture meant a lot to me and I decided to do the same thing for every new "greenie" missionary that came to our ward.

I thought you might like to know that your son is very much welcome in our ward. His eagerness and his ability to speak Dutch are very impressing. We are glad to have him here.

Greetings from Belgium!

Hilde Van Achten


  1. Such a blessing to have this note and it's a fantastic idea. Glad he is still smiling. (o:

  2. Hilde, it was so good to meet you today in Saint George! I hope you enjoy your trip and have a safe journey.