Tuesday, August 19, 2014

2nd letter from Leuven, Belgium -- Week 8

This is right by the mission office in Leiden, Netherlands.  SO MANY BIKES!!!! This picture doesn't even do justice.  There are more bikes on both sides of this thing.  It is insane.

This is one of the government buildings that is right down the street from our apartment.

Week 2 in the Holy Land!

Yet, another eventful week it has been.  Every day is a new and interesting day on a mission, but that’s what makes it fun.

I will start off with the most important part of my email.  I had the BEST waffle that I have ever had in my entire life yesterday! Oh man, It was at a little waffle stand at the train station.  It was a warm sugar waffle covered in melted chocolate and whipped cream.  Holy toledo folks, I get goose bumps just thinking about it.  Haha.

This week we had our first district meeting and I got to meet our district.  They are all super cool. We have district meetings every week so I get to see them pretty often.

The other night we were at a dinner appointment at a man’s house and he is a chef so he made some way good food for us.  We asked him what the meat was and he told us and then Elder Losee started laughing.  I don’t speak very good Dutch so I didn’t know what he said.  Then he said it in English and it was horse meat!! I don’t even know if that legal in America, but I had horse for the first time and it was delicious.  Of course, I made the "I’m so hungry I could eat a horse" joke.  A special shout out to Jim Greene for teaching me everything I know when it comes to quick “one-liners.”

I also cut hair for the first time in my life.  Apparently haircuts here are super expensive, so Elder Losee trusted me.  Not gonna lie, it sucked, but in the end, it turned out pretty darn, decent.  Maybe that is something I can do when I grow up.  Or, maybe not.

On Saturday, we had a ward BBQ.  It was actually pretty legit.  There was meat.  MEAT! Not a lot of that over here.   It took me back home to America.  We played soccer with the ward members and just had a good time.  There was also a bounce house.  Yes, a bounce house.  We go hard here in Leuven.   There was a lot of less active members that came for the food, and then ended up showing up to church the next day so that was cool.

On Sunday, I had to introduce myself and bear my testimony in sacrament meeting in Dutch. Oh boy!!!

Sorry I am a day late with this email.  Yesterday, we had to travel up to the mission office to do some legal stuff.  Loooooong story short, we were on trains for like 8 hours, and I am still not even "legal" in the Netherlands so yesterday was basically the worst.  And we will have to do it all over again so I can sign in to the Netherlands.  Ugh.

Yesterday while we were on the train, we heard something squeaking and then we saw this little puppy poke its head out of some girl’s purse that she had snuck on the train.  Mom, it reminded me of when we were at Stephanie’s ward and Brittney brought her dog to church with President Monson there.  I remember how you put your head in her purse to say hi to her dog and the dang thing almost bit your nose off.  Too funny!

Well, yet another adventurous week here in Leuven.

Ball so hard!!!

Love all of you so much,

-Elder Steenblik

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