Monday, February 8, 2016

2nd letter from Almere, Netherlands -- Week 85

Selfie with the Boiizi  --  Burgers in Amsterdam 02-01-16
Practicing to become an ultimate Aggie at Utah State  -- Elder Steenblik and Elder Smith
Elder Steenblik and Opa Steenblik
This is famous in Amsterdam.  It says "I am sterdam" and you can climb it if you would like.  Somehow, I climbed the "I."  It was 10 feet tall, but I just used my ninja skillz.
Repent ye -- Repent ye!


How was your Super Bowl Sunday?? Shout out to my boii Peyton for bringin’ home the win.

On P-day we went to Amsterdam with a couple of other missionaries in our zone.  We went and got hamburgers and then walked around and shopped.  Amsterdam is so sick! We also went to a really famous Dutch museum called the Rijks Museum.  That was awesome.

You will never guess who I saw this week.  Opa Steenblik all the way back from my Hengelo days! I remembered that when I served in Hengelo, I met one of his sons named Henk that lived in Almere.  I googled Henk Steenblik and found his address.  We stopped by this week to look him up and Opa Steenblik was there! It was perfect timing because he was visiting for the day.  It was fun to see him again.  Henk was at work when we went by, but his wife invited us back for dinner. On Saturday night we went and ate dinner with the Steenblik's! They said that we are always welcome to go back, so hopefully we will be able to go again soon.

This week the young men in the ward had a "mission prep" night and they practiced cooking.  They made dinner for us and it actually turned out pretty good believe it or not!

We are still struggling to get in contact with all of our investigators.  Most of them we haven’t even met yet.  We have found a couple of new people that we are going to visit this week.  The investigator pool is making slow progress.  But we had an amazing week with the less actives.  We had like, 7 less active lessons this week. The ward has given us a solid list of names of people to visit and that sure makes our job a lot easier! One thing we are doing is after every dinner appointment, we bring the member with us to look up some less actives in the area.  It has been going really well because then the less active member sees a familiar face and the member gets involved in missionary work.  And it helps us out! It’s a win, win, win situation.

We had an investigator at church this week named Diana.  She had worked the night shift and still came to church! That’s what I am talkin’ about.  Dedication.

Also, I took a bubble bath this week for the first time in over a year! Oh man how I have longed for a lengthy luxurious bubble bath.  It was a wonderful experience.  I just thought you should all know.

Well, that is about it.  Have an awesome week everyone!

                                     -Elder Steenblik

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