Monday, August 10, 2015

11th letter from Eindhoven, Netherlands -- Week 59

This was at our last District Leader Council
Beautiful sunset in Maastricht
Checkout my new planner for next transfer.  Made it myself.

Elder Steenblik and Elder Schmidt
Elder Steenblik and Elder Schmidt.  Some members bought Harry a new oven, so they asked us to help them take it to his place.  We surprised him and pimped his crib out!
Hey guys,

The weather here has been pretty much all over the place.  One day it’s super hot and you are sweating like crazy, the next day pouring rain and cold.  Monday was a nice day so we went and played some B-ball at a nice court that we found.  We played a game with the two guys from the country of Georgia who were just jacked out of their minds.  It was pretty scary, but they were really nice and we balled hard.

On Tuesday, I was on an exchange in Eindhoven with one of my best friends, Elder Morrell.  We had an awesome day together and had a lesson with Theo and Sylvia.  Jack just got home from his mission in France 2 weeks ago and he came along.  We taught them about the importance of prayer and scripture study.  It went well, but we never really can tell how much Theo understands because of the language barrier.  They both came to church on Sunday as well.

Wednesday, I was on an exchange in Tilburg with Elder Byers.  Tilburg is full of crazy people! I have been there 3 times in my life and every time I go, there are at least 4 crazy homeless people or people high on drugs that give us hassle.  We even got followed by some guy for a little bit and had to flee the scene. There is just somethin’ in the water over in Tilburg.

Thursday, we were in Arnhem working with Sister Watts and Hermana Ramirez.  Hermana Ranierz only speaks Spanish and is learning Dutch and English at the same time.  Those are 2 dang hard languages to learn together! She is doing awesome with it though.

When we were on our way home from Arnhem, there was a line of policemen standing in the train station.  People always think that we are policemen, so I went and stood in the line to see if I would blend in.  Three of the cops started talking to Elder Schmidt and I and asked us who we were and what we do.  We talked to them and taught them about the church.  We contacted the PO-PO! I can check that one off my bucket list.  They were all really cool guys.

We had Mission Leader Council at the mission home on Friday and I needed a haircut.  On Thursday night at like 10 o’clock, I cut my hair.  It was going well and looked pretty average, but I needed Elder Schmidt to help me with the back.  He came over to help and within 10 seconds, I heard the dreaded words nobody ever getting their hair cut wants to hear.  "Oh Crap!" along with the sound of the clippers cutting off a chunk of hair.  Haha! It happened again! Elder Cockbain did the same thing to me back in Leuven! We did our best to fix it, but there is still a huge patch of hair missing on the back of my head haha.

We had a great Mission Leader Council.  I gave a presentation with Elder Neptune on listening.  That’s kind of funny because I am probably the worst listener I know.  My mind likes to wander into really intense daydreams.  But I learned a lot from preparing the presentation and hopefully will be able to become a better listener!

Well, that’s about it for this week.  We will be getting transfer calls on Sunday night and we are pretty sure that one of us will get transferred.  I hope that I get to stay in Eindhoven, but we will see.

 Have a phenomenal week.

                                               -Elder Steenblik

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