Monday, July 13, 2015

7th letter from Eindhoven, Netherlands -- Week 55

This is the only picture Ben sent this week, but he wanted all of you to see what they had to deal with.  Ick!!!!

Hey Guys,

Well, we had transfers this past Wednesday! I am with Elder Mark Schmidt from Walla Walla, Washington.  He is super cool and we get along very well.  He loves to play basketball, so we shoot some hoops every now and then.

For the first part of the week last, Elder Holt was super sick so we just took it easy.

Elder Schmidt and I did a ton of planning the first couple days of this transfer.  That’s one thing I am not the biggest fan of is planning for hours on end.  But it sure does help later down the road!

We have a member here who is a super good missionary.  She is always getting referrals for us and helping us out.  She called us this week and told us that a friend was coming over to visit her, so she wanted us to just "stop by."  We got there and the friend wasn’t there yet, so she gave us some garden tools and we just started pretending that we were working in the garden.  Haha.  Her friend came and we told her about who we were and had a great conversation about the gospel with her.

On Thursday we had lesson with a new investigator.  We were able to teach the first lesson, the restoration.  We don’t get as many chances to teach the restoration as we would like to, but that is for sure my favorite lesson to teach.  Every time I teach it my testimony of the restored gospel is strengthened.

Our shower exploded this week! I went to the bathroom and all of this muddy, hairy, slimy, orange, smelly goo had leaked all over the floor of the shower.  Plus the drain was clogged.  We had to shower at Elder and Sister Butler’s house until we got it fixed.  We got it fixed and cleaned everything up, but now there is a big nasty orange stain on the floor.

On Friday nights we have Family Home Evening at an older member’s house named Sister Van Der Riet. The Butler’s (senior couple) and Harry come as well.  We played UNO last time and boy did it get intense! People started yelling and personally attacking each other.  It was a sight to see.  Haha.  The Dutch take their UNO very seriously.

Before I got to Eindhoven, I called and got the address of the house and sent it home.  I got an email last week from a guy who said that he kept getting letters addressed to an Elder Steenblik and he didn’t know why.  He Googled my name and found my email.  It turns out that the address that I sent home was the wrong one! For the past month he has been getting my letters.  Haha.  Luckily he was nice enough to find me and not just throw them away!

It has been a crazy week trying to keep track of all of our investigators and less active members, as well as the investigators of the Elders who just left, and all of the planning that we have to do.  We are trying to balance all of that.  We certainly have a plate full.

 Have a great week!

                                                   -Elder Steenblik

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