Monday, June 29, 2015

5th letter from Eindhoven, Netherlands -- Week 53

Harry made us some escargot for dinner.  Taaaasty!!!

Elder Ben
The glorious moment captured in a photo.  Liquid heaven!
Matching tie Daaaay!! Elder Steenblik and Elder Holt

What’s up homies??

We had another week full of exchanges and all that good stuff.  On Tuesday we were in Breda for district meeting and afterwards, I went to Vlissingen with Elder Hunt.  Vlissingen is like a 2 ½ hour train ride away and all the way on the coast.  By the time we got to Vlissingen, we had to go straight to a dinner appointment and didn’t get home until 8 PM.  We only had 1 hour to go do some missionary work and we didn’t have any lessons scheduled, so we went and did some contacting, ON THE BEACH! Don’t worry, it’s not a beach like you’re thinking with bikini girls everywhere.  But there were people fishing, a couple people swimming and a ton of people playing rugby and volleyball and what not.  Oh man I have missed the beach so much.  It was just lovely, and guess what I found at a store there???? GATORADE! Hooooly schnikes, it has been a year since I have had a Gatorade.  The treats here are for the most part better than America, but that is one thing that Europe is lacking in…. Sport drinks.

Wednesday I was in Roosendaal with Elder Hosea.  We taught a cool lesson to a man from Africa.  He told us how every time he reads in the Book of Mormon, he feels something.  He has no idea what it is or how to explain it, but he feels it every time he reads.  That’s called the Spirit my friend! We went through Lehi´s dream with him and he loved it.  He wanted to study it even more after we left.

Thursday I was back in Eindhoven with Elder Lundberg.  We had a service project for the neighbor of one of the members here.  We weeded his garden and cut his knee high grass.  He was super grateful and told us that we could come back to share a Book of Mormon with him.  The miracles of service!

All of the people here are freaking out about the whole gay marriage thing going on in America.  We had a lesson with a less active woman last night who told us how the church needs to get with the times.  She said that marriage has adapted and so should the church.  We taught her how just because the ways of the world change, does not change the commandments of God.  I thought it was really interesting how in the last General Conference, there were a ton of talks given that talked about families and marriage and how important they are in God´s plan.  Then like 2 months later, this happens.

I hit my year mark this week as well! Freakin’ crazy! One year ago, little Elder Steenblik left home not even knowing how to use an iron or even a washing machine! I had the chance to look back through my journal entries and pictures over the last year this week.  It is crazy to see the difference from then and now.  It has seriously been the greatest year of my life.  I have been so many places, met so many people, have had so many experiences, learned priceless things.  I will be honest, it has probably been the hardest year of my life as well, but I wouldn’t change it for anything! What an honor it is to be a full time servant of the Lord.  Thankfully I still have a whole year left!

Things here are going great.  Awesome 1st year of my mission and I am super excited to see what the 2nd year has in store.  Thanks for all of your love and support.

Love you guys!

                                                       -Elder Steenblik

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