Monday, May 11, 2015

10th letter from Hengelo, Netherlands -- Week 46

Elder Hunter England and Elder Ben Steenblik
Opa (Jan) Steenblik, Elder England and Elder Ben at the wooden shoe factory
LeBron James is enjoying the flower pedals! (AKA, Elder Steenblik)
Elder Ben says...... Howdy!

Goede Daaaag,

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers out there, especially my lovely mother! It was awesome to be able to talk with her yesterday.  Already my 2nd Skype! I feel like the Christmas Skype was just last week! Time flies when you’re a missionary… maybe not for the moms, though.

This week we met with Jan Steenblik again! I call him Opa (grandpa) Steenblik.  We ate lunch with him and his girlfriend and then they took us to a klompen factory.  Klompen are those Dutch wooden shoes. It was super cool! We got to see how they were made and we got some cool souvenirs.  Then we all went out for ice cream afterwards.  They asked us if they could have a Book of Mormon, so we gladly gave them one.  They kept trying to pay us for it! Haha.  His girlfriend has all sorts of questions for us and she said that we are the first people who have ever been able to give her answers to her questions.

We had a lesson with Anja on Wednesday night that was amazing and the Enschede Elders came along with us.  She is trying really hard to read the Book of Mormon not as a text book and find how she can apply the things in it into her own life.  One thing I have been doing every day when I have a personal study is making a one sentence summary of something I learned that I can apply that day.  We invited her to do that and she loved the idea.  She also wants to meet with us every week and study together. At the end of the lesson, we all got on our knees and said a prayer and she asked God when she needs to be baptized.  The spirit was super strong and everyone in the room felt it.

On Thursday night, I got a call from President Robinson and he asked if I could come to the Mission Leader Council the next day.  On Thursday night, Elder England went to Enschede to work with them for the day and I went with the Zone Leaders to Apeldoorn.  On Friday morning we made the road trip out to the west coast.  Luckily the Netherlands is tiny, so it only took about 2 hours.  It was a super cool meeting! We got a really good breakfast and lunch, and all of the talks given were fantastic.  President and the AP's gave trainings on what we will be training on next transfer.  I also got to see some friends that I haven’t seen in months! I am super grateful that I got to go.

Afterwards, we went to The Hauge to go to a dinner appointment with the Romig’s.  They are a senior couple in our mission.  There were 6 other missionaries there as well, so it was just a party! By the time we got back on Friday night, it was already 10 PM, so I just spent the night in Apeldoorn again.  We finally got back on Saturday, and we had District Leader Council.  It was a week full of travel and meetings, but I learned a ton from all of it and had a blast as well.

Yesterday at church a random guy walked in, so we went up and talked to him.  He met the sister missionaries at some time in his life on the street and he felt like he should go to church on Sunday.  He found the address and came! So, that was the miracle of the week! We are going to start teaching him soon.

This week we will be traveling to Rotterdam for a Zone Conference, but we should at least have some more time to do some finding and teaching in our own area.  I hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day!


-Elder Steenblik

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